Professional Elevator Services in Texas and Louisiana

At Integrity Elevator Solutions (IES), we are a full-service operation that provides industrial, commercial, and residential customers with professional elevator services in Texas and Louisiana. 

Our professional elevator services in Texas, Louisiana, and the greater Houston area include: 

  • Elevator maintenance 
    • We offer three types of elevator maintenance programs: full maintenance, limited maintenance, and oil and grease maintenance. Each of these programs focuses on a variety of maintenance tasks, but they can also be customized to suit individual needs. 
  • Elevator repair 
    • Our highly trained technicians are always ready to repair your industrial, commercial, or residential elevator. They also address issues relating to valve and fixture complications, inspection violation repairs, and hydraulic pressure leaks. 
  • Elevator installation 
    • We install all industrial, commercial, and residential elevator systems, including traction systems, hydraulic systems, material lifts, rack and pinions, LULAs, and VRCs. We also install wheelchair lifts, which are more commonly found in residential properties.  
  • Elevator modernization  
    • Improve efficiency and increase reliability with our elevator modernization services. Whether you want a cosmetic upgrade to increase your property’s value or are simply taking precautions to keep your elevator safe, we provide excellent service with unparalleled communication.  

With Integrity Elevator Solutions, you will never have to jump through hoops to get in contact with a member of our team. IES is a local company that is built on integrity and values our loyal customer base. When working with us, you will be in direct communication with the experts who make IES such a successful operation. 

If you’re searching for professional elevator service in Texas, and Louisiana, call us today for a quote at (409) 994-6800 or (337) 900-1070. We will be happy to develop a quote for you.