Professional Elevator Repair in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana

Repairs are arguably the most necessary form of elevator service. Without proper repairs, your elevator will be out of operation, leaving room for inefficiencies and error. Allow the experts at Integrity Elevator Solutions to fix your elevator trouble with our professional elevator repair in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana.

Our highly knowledgeable technicians are prepared to perform repairs at a moment’s notice.  Our elevator repair services in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana consist of:

  • Hydraulic cylinder replacement
  • Power unit replacement
  • Door equipment replacement
  • Signal fixture replacement
  • Main valve replacement
  • Inspection violation repairs
  • Cosmetic upgrades
  • Hydraulic pressure leaks in oil lines
  • Motor replacement
  • Elevator door replacement
  • All industrial elevator repairs

Integrity Elevator Solutions offers both commercial and residential elevator repair in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. Whether you need a large commercial repair or a quick home repair, IES can handle any job. With our same-day response time, you’ll have answers as well as a solution for your repair. Our qualified and insured technicians are available for you 24/7. No matter what the situation, you can rest assured that IES is on the job.

We are a locally owned business that thrives on our customers’ loyalty. When working with Integrity Elevator Solutions, you can expect transparency, honesty, and, most importantly, integrity. We promise to quickly handle all your concerns and perform concise work with every service.

If you’re searching for professional elevator repair in southeast Texas, southwest Louisiana, and the greater Houston area, call us today for a quote at (409) 994-6800 or (337) 900-1070. We will happily compose a contract for you.